Inspires her?
"According to my mother, when I was a small child, I would draw all day long. My love for painting even found its way on the house walls. I was blessed with a very loving mother that never punished me for doing so, but instead praised my abilities and talent. 
"Your creativity is not to be held back", she'd say, knowing that I would one day become an artist.
As a young teen, I stumbled upon
the famous painting of the Impressionist Paul Cezanne, titled "The Basket Of Apples", and I was mesmerized by his use of thick black lines around the creases of the table cloth. His use of geometric shapes and disjointed perspective brought this piece to life, even if the subject matter was so mundane. Looking back now, this piece was a stepping stone in the evolution of my style."
Paul Cezanne "The Basket Of Apples" 1893
Early years...
I knew I wanted to be an artist but the term "starving artist" was beginning to resonate, so I decided to study commercial art and design. After college, I landed a job at Editorial America: the largest publishing company for the Spanish speaking market. I began as assistant 
designer at Comopolitan Magazine, (Spanish Edition) and worked my way up to Art Director for Ideas Para Su Hogar magazine and a freelance illustrator forVanidades magazine. 
Above, you can see what I did before I launched my career as a visual artist. 
I love cartooning and illustrating and look forward to someday writing and illustrating my own children's book.